The EM-400 Temma 2 Mount




A.  General view showing complete mount on metal tripod, including 2 x 8Kg counterweight

B.  Main components of EM-400 - click on image for large version

C. Control panel, which is underneath, not on the side, showing connectors for power, hand unit, serial pc interface, and auto-guide input

click here for partial user guide (em400.pdf)

Load capacity 35Kg (77lbs)

Weight, main block  22.3Kg (49 lbs)

Counterweights 2 x 8 Kg



D Main block of  EM-400

E Detail showing attachment part with recessed conical inserts

F Tripod wedge showing mating section with four hex bolts for securing main block




G  Adjustable 'wedge' on metal tripod

H  Top of  metal tripod, showing 150mm diameter fixing ring

I   Lower section of  metal tripod, with legs closed, showing adjusting knobs

J  K L

J  Beautifully built, heavy duty metal tripod

K Section of  tripod fixing ring, showing bevelled profile

L Another view of tripod top - note the three hex bolts for tightening the legs


M  View of  the cradle attachment point.  The GREAT news is that for the first time Tak have combined the fittings for BOTH EM2/10/11/200 cradles and cross-plates, AND NJP 160 cradles and cross-plates.

In the centre is the circular recess with the two M8 tapped holes for the EM cradles, and the large circular flange with the four M10 tapped holes is directly compatible with NJP accessories

N  A TSA-102 cradle attached to the EM-400

O A very useful plate for  EM mounts is the TMP02200 (178mm x 220mm), seen here attached to the EM-400. Of  course the TSA or other cradle could still be mounted in the centre, by using longer fixing bolts, or  larger scopes with tube rings could be attached using the lateral slots on the plate.  The slot are 8mm wide and spaced 150mm between centres front to back.  The slots permit about 60mm of sideways adjustment, left or right of  centre.  At the right side of  the plate is a flange with two tapped M8 holes which are 73mm apart.  This is the correct spacing to attach one of  the smaller guiding mounts such as the TGM-1

Note that there are two M8 tapped holes on the left side of  the plate, and you could simply attach a TOA or FS cradle at that point if  required, to offset the balance of   any guide mount and guidescope attached at the right hand side

  P   Q

P This shows the large NJP plate TMP02100 (220mm x 298mm), with the TSA cradle attached at centre.  This plate has flanges at both sides, with slots similar to the TMP02200

Q. Top view showing the slots, which take M10 bolts and are spaced 180mm between centres front to back.  The lateral adjustment for tube rings attached via the slots is 60mm left and right of  centre.

R. On the side flanges there are two M8 tapped holes spaced 110mm apart.  This is the correct spacing to attach one of  the larger guiding mounts such as the TGM-2

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