These are two  variants of the FC76, plus a conversion 'kit' to make your FS-60CB into a FC76!



FC-76DC complete ota                             FC-76DC conversion kit for FS-60CB


FS-60CB standard                                   FS-60CB converted to FC-76DC


By simply unscrewing the objective of  the FS-60CB and then screwing in the FC-76DC conversion kit, the job is done.  You now have a wonderful f/7.7 instrument of  nearly 600mm focal length.  This is still a very lightweight portable instrument and can be used both visually and photographically, not only for astronomy but for wildlife photography using a  standard photographic tripod as above.


FC-76DS large tube ota


The FC-76 refractors mark a re-introduction of  a small long focal length instrument.  For many years the benchmark for small instruments was the FS-78, which at f/8 was   small and light enough for easy viewing from almost any location.  The FC-76 models carry on that tradition, and the DC version can easily be mounted on a small tripod.  Click on the pdf link below for  the basic specifications, plus options of  focal reducer, flattener and barlow extender.



Specifications of  both FC-76DC and FC-76/DS

FC-76DC - user manual


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