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FC-100DC on EM-11 mount


The FC100DC and FC100DF  return to the days of  beautiful long focus doublet refractors, which Takahashi did so well before they introduced compact travel scopes.  The models have the identical object lenses, the DC model have the same focuser as FS-60, and the DF model having the same focuser as Sky 90.

Thus the DC model is cheaper and lighter, and uses the same focal reducer as the FC-76DC (also a lot cheaper).  So why one asks would you go for the DF model? The key here is that the image circle is a lot larger.  The FC-35 focal reducer has a 44mm diameter image circle, enabling full frame CCD and DSLR cameras to be used, whereas the 76DC focal reducer has a 30mm diameter image circle.  This though is fine for  CCD/CMOS chips up to 2/3 full frame, so will be perfect for  a great many users.


FC-100DF ota, showing the larger 'Sky 90' focuser


The new focal reducer for the FC-100DF


 Options available include the MEF3 microfocuser, a focal reducer and Extender-barlow. In addition to visual use, the instruments can be used photographically as ultimate telephoto lenses


FC-100DC  Specification         click here

FC-100DC System Chart         click here

FC-100DF Specification          click here

FC-100DF System Chart         click here

FC-35 Reducer System Chart  click here


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