FSQ-85EDX ota showing retractable dewshield, microfocuser and 6x30 finder


The  FSQ-85EDX is a new astrograph, essentially a scaled clone of  the highly successful FSQ-106ED.


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Lovely image of IC405, the Flaming Star Nebula taken by Bob Winter from LONDON(!) using his FSQ-85



Objective  85mm 

Focal length  450mm

Focal ratio   f/5.3

2"/1.25" ocular adapters as standard

Retractable dewshield

Integral zero backlash microfocuser

Overall length - 

Weight - 


Optional items (see end of  main price list for full list)

Focal reducer - 0.73x (TKA36580 QE No18)

Camera angle adjuster (TKA23200 No 6)


photo-visual system chart    

0.73x focal reducer (RD-QE) system chart    

1.5x (EX-ED) system chart    


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