***   Superb  150mm f/7.3 triplet   ***



TOA-150 System Chart

This outstanding refractor is capable of  the ultimate optical performance, from high power planetary observation, and  close double stars with well under 1" or  arc separation, to superb deep space and wide field imaging. The images above show the TOA-150 on an EM-400 mount, and below is a close-up of the tube assembly


Objective: 150mm triplet Ortho Apochromat, 1100mm focal length, f/7.33
Resolving Power:  0.68" of  arc

Limiting magnitude:  12.7

4 focuser  including camera angle adjuster and 10:1 Micro Edge Focuser
Tube Diameter: 179mm

Tube Length: 812mm


With 35 Flattener (TKA31582)

Effective focal length: 1080mm
Effective focal ratio f/7.2
Image circle 40mm

With TOA focal reducer No 18s (TKA31580S)
Effective Focal Length 860mm
Effective focal ratio f/5.7
Image circle 50mm

With Super Reducer No 18L (TKA32580L)
Effective Focal Length 825mm
Effective focal ratio f/5.5 
Image circle 70mm


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