TSA-102 Apochromatic Refractor


A.  View of  the front element of  the triplet

B.  TSA-120 on a EM-200 mount, without the finder attached.

The instrument is  very lightweight at only 5Kg

(11 lbs), and with the dewshield closed and eyepiece adapters removed, incredibly compact

at only 25 ins length. Note that both 2" and 1.25" eyepiece adapters are included as standard, including a 2"

extension barrel.



D E   F


D Under view showing the standard rack and pinion focuser

E Under view with MEF3 microfocuser attached

F Rear view showing micro-focuser


G   H   I  


G  The MEF3 (and MEF4 - see price list for details) micro-focusers can be retro-fitted to any Takahashi refractor. The components include a stabilising bar plus all fixing screws.  The 10:1 reduction in the gear not only means much finer control of  focus, but perhaps equally important, the torque required to turn the knob is also reduced by ten times,  so that at high power planets will remain steady in the field of  view for  easy precise focusing.

H  Side view showing compact aesthetic arrangement of  microfocuser.

I   Rear close-up of  MEF3.  All components are non-ferrous and beautifully machined


J   K   L 


J  The FQR1 quick-release finder unit can fit on to any of  the Takahashi refractors, and can take brackets for  the 5 x 25, 6 x 30 or 7 x 50 finders.  The thumbscrew enables fast removal or attachment

of  the bevel block.

K A view of  the FQR1 on a Sky 90, with 6 x 30 finder attached

L View showing the bevel block after removal from the base. The pin at centre back is a stop to ensure the correct position of  the bevel block when inserted in the base




M   With the finder and finder bracket detached the main instrument has no items projecting awkwardly

which greatly simplifies storage and carriage. In fact the FQR1 block does not protrude further than the focus knobs

N   Another view showing the compact size of  the FQR1



Photo-Visual                           Focal Reducer                            Flattener


Click on above images for visual and photographic configurations.  We can advise on all adapters required, for use eg with DSLR cameras, and any imaging devices. See also our sections on CCD cameras, filter wheels and filters.


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